Type in Wayfinding

It is also important for type made for way finding and signage to get the message across without distracting from that message and in most cases making the message as readable as possible. Research has been done to determine which type is most visible from far distances and what is easiest to read. When highway signs were first created, little attention was payed to design. As people became more aware of readability, the signs were improved.

In order to display the message most effectively, The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) set up guidelines for standard type weights and sizes. This guaranteed a standardized format for typography on signs and easier readability for everyone (Nini 2006). With the improved guidelines, sign typography can be seen from a greater distance and the letters are easier to distinguish.

The research established how to better differentiate letters that previously looked the same from further distances. Type designers could then make simple changes to type that allowed for easier viewing for everyone.