Type Trends

Determining future trends is difficult. After all, no one can be exactly sure what the future will be, and it is easy to end up with an unpopular design because of your choices. The best chance anyone has of predicting the future is to carefully watch what is happening right now.

At a glance, it can seem that everyone is doing their own thing in typography. However, there are many common trends of today that can help us look into what is popular for tomorrow. One growing trend is the application of print design elements onto the web. The growing popularity of the web makes it an excellent place for a company or individual to send out their message. Typography is gaining importance in order to transmit this message. Clean, white backgrounds, crisp typefaces, and a formal grid structure are growing in popularity. The days of bright, flashy animations are coming to a close as designers try to create more professional looking sites. Even web banners are getting into it. Nowadays, many online advertisements are changing from colorful, seizure-inducing gifs to clear ads similar to those found in the newspaper or magazines. These are only a few of today's trends. Using them, we can try to determine what the future will hold for typography.